Ask Melinda Selmys Your NFP Questions!

Ask Melinda Selmys Your NFP Questions! August 11, 2016

Would you like a practical, philosophical, and psychological look at natural family planning from someone for whom it has been at times a grueling and frightening struggle? Someone who understands why you might be bitter and exhausted, who has experienced some of the beauty and promises of NFP but also been harmed by the Pollyannaish or judgmental attitudes with which it’s often promoted? You are in luck:

Eve Tushnet has been twisting my arm a bit to try to get me to write an NFP book. My basic concept is to write a book that answers the questions that people have that nobody is answering. So I’m inviting questions. If you have a question about NFP that you feel is not being adequately engaged, please leave it in the combox or if prefer privacy, drop me a line through my contact button. Cheers!


Melinda’s commenters on her NFP posts frequently say things like, “I’ve never found someone else who says these things,” or, “Finally, someone who gets what I’ve experienced.” I hope you’ll add to this thread and help her book become a reality.

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