DC/MD Catholics: Be a Church Companion for a Pregnancy Center!

DC/MD Catholics: Be a Church Companion for a Pregnancy Center! December 2, 2016

Hey y’all. The pregnancy center where I volunteer has this excellent newish program of church referrals. Basically, we see a lot of women who were raised Christian or have some definite interest in finding a church, but who have a ton of worries and responsibilities to juggle so it’s easy for the church hunt to get endlessly postponed. So we ask them a few questions about what they’re looking for, and try to connect them with someone who can accompany them to a church–ideally, even picking them up with their children and taking them home afterward–and help them make connections, meet people, and become a part of the church’s community.

And we need Catholics, specifically, who are willing to do this. I have one client right now looking for a Catholic parish. She’s in a difficult and unstable situation; having a “church home” (as the Protestants say) and a friend to accompany her would mean a lot for her and her children. If you’re looking for a way to deepen your relationship with your neighbors this Advent, maybe consider signing up to be a contact person for your church.

We try to provide lots of things women need: diapers, clothes, formula, sympathy, respect. But even more than all that, women need the sacraments. Can you help a family in need deepen their faith, draw closer to Jesus, and “come home for Christmas”? Lol now I sound like direct-mail, but the point is, email me at eve_tushnet@yahoo.com if you’re interested. Thanks, you guys. It would be a real mitzvah.

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