Help With a Monastic Cooking Documentary!

Help With a Monastic Cooking Documentary! February 14, 2017

Hello all. I have received permission to share the following fascinating thing with you:

Several months later, I’m returning to the short documentary / doc series idea on monastic cooking and kitchens that I [told you about earlier].
The general gist behind the piece is that in spite of the increased interest in farm-to-table, locally-sourced ingredients, and cooking docs,  very little attention has been paid to religious orders, who have been cultivating traditions of hospitality, agriculture, cheesemaking, and cooking for hundreds of years.
I’d like to draw attention to this in a documentary video that dramatizes the contemplative and religious life through the kitchens, garden, and farm of a religious community. (The idea stems from the time I spent living with Dominican Friars in Sweden.)
Do you have any thoughts on potential subjects? Do any communities—Orthodox or Catholic—come to mind? I’ve found loads of monasteries that make cheese, bread, and beer, but I’ve only found a couple that have broadcast their culinary tradition.

Because the project is still at a very early stage, please send any thoughts, contacts, etc you have to ME at and I will pass them along to the guy who sent this. THANKS.

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