“Secrets of the South/Meet the Secret Society of Radical Black Women”

“Secrets of the South/Meet the Secret Society of Radical Black Women” November 12, 2017

I’m just quoting one paragraph but there’s so much to consider and be thankful for here:

This connection to health care is central to the Tents’ mission. The speaker continues, “The chief purpose of this organization is to care for the sick, comfort those who are distressed, bury the dead, and provide home for the aged.” These are universal concerns, as pressing today as they would have been during the organization’s founding in the 1860s. But when you realize the context of that founding, these aims take on poignancy. When a person is enslaved, their access to health care, to a dignified old age, even agency over how they will die, how they will be buried, and how they will be memorialized — all of this is not an option. It took great bravery, great self-assurance, for the founders of this organization to claim these acts for themselves and their loved ones and to set up an institution to ensure that their descendants could do the same.

more; including sermon and prayer, both extraordinary expressions of trust and the power given by the Lord to His faithful

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