“God Has a Future for You”: My interview on gay Catholic whatnot

“God Has a Future for You”: My interview on gay Catholic whatnot June 13, 2020

over at Catholic Mental Heath:

Would you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey. I’m 41, raised & currently living in Washington, DC. I was raised more or less Reform Jewish in a progressive family and community. I came out in middle school and helped to found the gay/straight alliance at my high school. In college I met Christians (mostly Catholics) who were able to describe their own faith in Christ in terms which invited me to learn more. I basically found myself unwillingly falling in love with the Church.

It’s been a big and ongoing challenge to reconcile my love of Christ and His Church with being openly gay and having absolutely no interest in being anything other than that; I made a lot of mistakes and am probably still making some. But it’s also been a great blessing. I’ve been able to discover so much forgotten beauty and hope for gay believers, in Scripture and Christian history. I’ve also gotten to meet a ton of other gay Christians, which is always a trip and almost always a delight. Hashtag no ragrats.

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