When the Lights Go Out (Everybody Starts to Pray): Halloween Playlist 2023

When the Lights Go Out (Everybody Starts to Pray): Halloween Playlist 2023 October 27, 2023

Previous years at the Halloween tag, but a lot of those YouTube links are deader than Dracula by now. This list is a bit pingpongy, you get ’80s glam and you get moody indie BS and not much else… and you don’t get the song that gave this post its title, either, because it’s not as good as our previous two Oingo Boingo offerings. ANYWAYS spin these tunes at your next Undead Disco, because there is no vaccine… for DISCO FEVER!

Theme from “Brainscan” (via Chuck Norris Ate My Baby)

Get Dead” by Shari Belafonte-Harper from “Midnight Hour” (Via CNAMB and the video is to die for–don’t miss it!)

Spider and the Fly” by London After Midnight

What the Water Gave Me” by birdeatsbaby

Vampire Reference in a Minor Key” by Will Wood

Murder of Crows” by Lindi Ortega

The House Is Haunted” by Marc Almond

Invisible People” by the Slickee Boys

Eyeball in My Martini” by the Cramps (the best song ever penned about the burden of having a conscience lol)

Down in the Park” by Tubeway Army (play this with your favorite sad, opinionated, maybe evil robot)

Wall of Death” by Richard & Linda Thompson

Delirium Tremendous” by Felix Hagan and the Family

Afraid of the Dark” by Lindi Ortega

Stay safe out there, but more importantly… stay spooky!

Ceramic calaveras photographed by “Gzzz,” via Wikimedia Commons and used under a Creative Commons license.

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