How to Organize Coupons PLUS Free Coupon Binder

How to Organize Coupons PLUS Free Coupon Binder April 17, 2012

Couponing can save you some serious money each year.  We’ve saved well over $3,000 this last year though couponing, but it wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t organized.  While we aren’t extreme couponers, we’ve learned that if you want to save money and time, you have to learn how to organize your coupons.

We have a coupon binder that we use to store coupons according by categories.  It will be available to download (yes, for free) but for those who are interested in making your own coupon binders, we’ll share some tips too.

Organizing Coupons

There really are a lot of ways that you can stay organized with your coupons, but the key is to stay on track with the method you choose.  Most people find it easiest to keep food and non-foods separate and to also create sub categories for each. We actually have two 3-ringed binders, one for food and one for non-foods.  Since you never know what items are going to be discounted 60-80% (or even become ‘money-makers’) we do our best to clip all the coupons for items that we use.  Yes, we end up tossing a bunch of coupons out each month, but since we stay organized, it’s much easier to keep the binders updated.

My wife started organizing coupons with a small accordion like folder that was about 3 inches tall by 7 inches long.  It was compact enough for her to bring to the store.  Since she saves a lot more coupons (see why in our eBook How to Coupon) she stores everything in the two binders and takes out a handful of coupons for each trip she makes during the month.

Coupon Binder Categories

Whether you decide to use a small folder or a 3-ringed binder, it’s helpful to have a list of coupon categories to keep organized.  We use baseball card dividers to store the coupons in each category.  It just makes it really simple to flip to the section and place each coupon in a separate holder.

Here’s the list of categories that we use. 

  1. Chips/Crackers/Pretzels/Popcorn
  2. Granola Bars/Fruit Snacks

    coupon divider
    Coupon Divider Index

  3. Breakfast
  4. Baking
  5. Prepared Sides & Rice
  6. Pasta & Sauce
  7. Soup Condiments
  8. Salad Dressing
  9. Peanut Butter & Jelly
  10. Canned Vegetables
  11. Canned Fruit/Applesauce
  12. Candy
  13. Drinks
  14. Fresh Produce
  15. Refrigerated Meats
  16. Refrigerated Dairy
  17. Refrigerated Other
  18. Yogurt
  19. Frozen Vegetables
  20. Frozen Pizza/Meals
  21. Frozen Other
  22. Reynolds/Ziploc/Glad
  23. Paper Products

    coupon organizer
    Coupon Divider Page Example

  24. Air Fresheners/Candles
  25. Surface Cleaners
  26. Dish Washing
  27. Laundry
  28. Miscellaneous
  29. Batteries
  30. Office/School Supplies
  31. Pets
  32. Baby Formula/Food
  33. Baby Diapers
  34. Cold/Flu/Allergy Medicine
  35. Vitamins/Supplements
  36. First Aid
  37. Oral Care
  38. Hair Care
  39. Soap & Body Wash
  40. Shaving
  41. Deodorant
  42. Lotion
  43. Beauty
  44. Feminine Hygiene

Download the Coupon Binder Dividers We Use

If you want to get organized right away, simply download the coupon dividers we created for our eBook How to Coupon.  Be sure to download the eBook for even more tips and strategies to save thousands of dollars each year!

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