I Am

I Am May 23, 2013

I am,
said God to Moses from the burning bush.

Before Abraham was, I am…
I am the light of the world…
I am the way…
I am the door…
I am the vine…

Said Jesus,
who held up bread and said it was his body,
and wine, and said it was his blood.
And when his body and blood were spent,
When the light went dim,
When the way was run,
And the door was closed,
And the vine was dried,
what remained was:
I am.

I am.
I am a body.
I am a personality, defining a name.
I am a member of a tribe, a faith, a family.
I am all these identities and more.
But all identities will pass away,
And after they pass:
I am.

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