Curing our Theological Laryngitis: A Q&A with Tripp Fuller

Curing our Theological Laryngitis: A Q&A with Tripp Fuller January 25, 2016

trippfuller“Theology that is living, life-giving and mattering today can’t be what it used to be.” — Tripp Fuller, Director of Theology and Humanities, Hatchery LA, and founder, Homebrewed Christianity

Patheos is honored to be co-sponsoring an exciting new interactive theology event this spring called Enfolding Theology: Theology after God, March 3-6, 2016 in Redondo Beach (yes, the beach!). The event is co-conceived of and co-hosted by Tripp Fuller, one of the most creative, brilliant, and just crazy fun young theologians around today. If you’ve not yet heard Tripp’s podcast, Homebrewed Christianity, or hung out at a live event with him, you’ve missed out on some passionate, often hysterical, and always deep theological conversation (and some great beer).

Tripp and his friends at the Hatchery LA are convening this one-of-a-kind theology event to help, in part, the Progressive Church recover from our “theological laryngitis.” The event is bringing together some of the most well-loved theologians (the speakers were nominated by the audience) together with ordinary folk like you and me, in a sincere attempt to help us get our collective voice back, full and strong, for the sake of the world. Can I get an Amen?!

So whether new to Tripp, or one of his old radical theological buddies, here’s your chance to hear him riff on God, the Church, “constructive” theology, and how it all comes together in some really fun and unique ways at Enfolding Theology.  (And then go and sign up for the event, and the live videocasts leading up to it, HERE.)



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