She’s running for President!

She’s running for President! April 13, 2015

My Gmail inbox received an influx of fantastic news Sunday afternoon. And since I know many of you are like me, you’re thrilled with the many messages and announcement that Hillary Clinton is officially running for President of the United States in 2016! We all “knew” it would happen. I mean, there was that small percentage of doubt that it might not, so I was so happy to remove all the rumors.

News about Hillary's announcement spread quickly.
News about Hillary’s announcement spread quickly.

And did you watch the video? Wow, that was a bold approach. It was fresh. It was real. If you only skimmed the headlines, I urge you to watch the video. She doesn’t even pop in until 90 seconds in, respecting American families and workers. “When families are strong, America is strong.” Now she’s in a van, driving to Iowa from New York. She didn’t hop a jet, or fly first-class. She took the “Scooby” Doo van, and started greeting families already on the road. She surprised one family at a gas station in my home state of Pennsylvania.

I love her campaign’s energy, and it such the opposite of the pomp and circumstance we’re getting from the GOP. Ted Cruz’s auditorium announcement for students required to attend. Or Rand Paul’s endless ensemble of lead-ins and preliminary acts which left me feeling like it was the local school board meeting that never ends. And later today, Marco Rubio is expected to announce, too.

If you’re ready to fight for Hillary, and keep the country moving forward with progressive values, make sure to sign up here: and don’t forget to like Faith Voters for Hillary on Facebook.

Faith Voters for Hillary on Facebook.
Faith Voters for Hillary on Facebook.

Joseph Gidjunis is the former Director of the Young Democrats of America Faith & Values Initiative and an award-winning photojournalist who owns JPG Photography in Philadelphia. He serves as a remote fellow for Eleison. He is married with two wonderful dogs.


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