Blessed are the Peacemakers: A Deal with Iran

Last week President Barack Obama delivered what could become the most significant foreign policy victory of his Presidency: a nuclear peace deal with Iran. Speaking of the historic peace deal, President Obama remarked,  “[A]fter two years of negotiations, the United States, together with our international partners, has achieved something that decades of animosity has not -- a comprehensive, long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” After several weeks of high profile domestic victories, the President continues to defy traditional “lame duck” expectations. B … [Read More...]


Why Walker Won’t Win

(Below is a modified version of a piece recently published in the International Policy Digest. Publishing permission has been granted by the author.)Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s ideology is too partisan and inconsistent, and both his major initiatives and image have been unpopular at the state and national level. These factors may not ban him from a Republican presidential nomination, but it certainly bans him from a successful national campaign. Here’s why Walker simply cannot win:Highly Partisan PositionsPresidential candidates must run a reasonably middle-of-the-road campaign in … [Read More...]

No more tears for the Confederate Flag

I got a call late on Wednesday, June 17. The ring jolted me out of sleep into a confused, nearly panicked state. When I answered, the voice on the other end told me there had been a shooting in Charleston, that it had happened at a black church, historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Mother Emanuel), and that a state senator was believed to be a victim. Could that really be? What are the right words in that moment? Even now, I’m not sure there are any. I hung up and knelt down be … [Read More...]

Calling thinkers, opinion makers and artists: FaithfulDemocrats Needs You!

Haven't we been silent long enough? In an effort to expand our community, Faithful Democrats is looking for writers, bloggers, artists and those who love a good meme. With upcoming national events such as the Pope's visit to the United States and the 2016 campaigns, we need additional voices and regular commentators. We want diversity in age, race, gender, sexual orientation and faith tradition. Those interested should write Editor Joseph Gidjunis: and briefly share … [Read More...]

Verses vs. Verses: Same-sex marriage dialogue continues post-SCOTUS decision

The June 26, 2015 SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage didn't settle the issue. Last month, NYT’s Laurie Goodstein wrote a profile on Matthew Vines, a young, gay Christian writer and activist who works to elucidate an alternative understanding of the LGBTQ community to Christian conservatives (primarily Evangelicals). After coming to terms with his own sexuality, Vines left Harvard in 2010 to study what the Bible says about same-sex relationships and how modern Christians could offer a message o … [Read More...]

Pope’s Encyclical: Authentic Human Development Has a Moral Character

(Reposted with permission.)Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment isn't an earth-shattering document. It's instead a timely reminder that humanity has collective rights and responsibilities. As Catholics, the right to life and the responsibility to protect and promote life are of paramount concern. Pope Francis realizes attacks to life come in a variety of forms. Inflicting harm on our common home is one such threat to life.Through the encyclical on the environment, Pope Francis … [Read More...]

Charleston’s ‘hard truths’

After nearly four days of coverage, reaction and rebuttal about the why behind the Charleston Church shooting, I'm sure I, like many of you, remain devastated, saddened and heartbroken. Processing my own feelings, however, I also found a part of myself tempted to ignore the news, look at my Facebook feed less, and resume normal day-to-day activities without giving the tragedy another thought. I understand this may run counter to what I should say, but after the Sandy Hook school shooting and the … [Read More...]

Romero and Me

A young man named Mario graduated college at Eastern University May 9 as a triple major in entrepreneurship, marketing and management. He did it in four years, and he did it with English as his second language, and the United States his second home.Mario is Salvadoran and his family wanted him to attend college in the U.S., as do many around the world. So, in August 2011, Mario came to live in the two-bedroom home my wife, Rebecca, and I own. When he started school, we all thought he would g … [Read More...]

Idealists & Realists for Hillary

Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run since she announced last month. However you feel about it, there’s fervor to be had. On one side of the spectrum, various conservatives denounce Clinton more than almost any other candidate in recent memory. On the other side, scores of progressives are nothing less than exhilarated by Hillary’s announcement video, seeing in her what they have seen in so many other great political leaders. This is especially true of religious progressives ( … [Read More...]

Changing Indiana: How RFRA got fixed

The last time I wrote about religious liberty for this blog, I had been inspired to do so by many conversations with friends and coworkers, musing about how we might be able to take a few steps forward and, as progressives, rightfully claim this issue as our own.About a month later, we watched the kerfuffle in Indiana unfold after it was shown the LGBT community could be legally discriminated against with this legislation. After passage by the Indiana Senate and House, Governor Mike P … [Read More...]