Biden Gains In Evangelical Support

Biden Gains In Evangelical Support October 20, 2020

Polling shows that things are definitively moving in the right direction for Biden/Harris, both in terms of their overall support and also their growing support from evangelicals.

There is good news in a recent (Oct 13) Marist/PBS/NPR poll for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Overall, support for Biden/Harris is strengthening, while that for Trump/Pence is weakening.  For Mr. Trump, 4% of his support moved from “Strongly Support” to “Somewhat Support” between September and October.  Trump also had his supporters go from Zero percent being “Unsure” in September, to 1% in October.  That may not sound like much, but that 1% in close races could tip the balance.  And this number could easily increase, making more people open to our message and that of other similar efforts.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 10.09.27 AM.png

As for white evangelical support for Biden/Harris, compared with Hillary Clinton’s support in 2016, Biden’s support has improved by 8 points, and stands at 24%.  This is just 1-point off the high water mark for white evangelical support for a Democrat, when Obama won 25% in 2008.  This 8-point improvement by Biden exceeds our goal for the Evangelicals For Biden Campaign, which is 5-7% in key states. 

A September poll highlighted by Christianity Today has even bigger, record-shattering support for Biden.  As CT points out, Biden’s recent support is nearly double that of Hillary Clinton, from Clinton’s 16% in 2016 to Biden’s 30.4% in September.  This bests Obama’s high water mark by over 5 points.

As for evangelical support in key states, recent (Sept. 23) Fox News Polls in Pennsylvania and Ohio have similar results.

  • In Pennsylvania, Biden is at 28%, Trump at 71%.

  • In Ohio, Biden 26%, Trump 69%.

This 12 and 10 point improvements from 2016 would basically double the goal of our Campaign and help win these key states for Biden/Harris.

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