On The Fall Of American Democracy

On The Fall Of American Democracy January 5, 2021
We truly are on the brink of the collapse of American democracy. I know it sounds alarmist, but it’s finally becoming clear to me how other nations and empires have fallen in history. Dramatic assaults on their foundations are done in full view of the public that have grown weary of caring all that much. People believe they are invincible and that their nation could never actually dissolve into a dystopian nightmare. And then someday they snap out of the delusion when it’s all too late.
On the other hand I’m not sure at all what exactly to do. We can protest, we can post, we can vote- but what do we do when multiple branches of our government collude to overturn a free and fair election? The system meant to protect us is failing before our eyes. The checks and balances have been subverted.
Do I think we will make it through? Yes. But I am also growing increasingly aware that there may be a real chance that we *wont*. Congress people, the Vice President, the President, and millions of devoted Trump supporters have convinced themselves (or are willfully lying) that the election has been stolen. Hundreds of thousands of them are descending on the nationals capital right now- many with weapons- on the eve of one of the most crucial pieces of the peaceful transfer of power- the certification of the election.
Even if all of this is a show, even if Biden is inaugurated, even if we win control of the Senate, there is an army gathered behind Trump that believes they are fighting to defend against tyranny all while the enact tyranny themselves.
I pray we make it through. I pray we can find the conscience to reform our political system and our collective relationship to one another. Whatever happens, January 2021 will be forever remembered as they month that either made or forever broke American democracy.
…I’m going to go read George Orwell now.

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