Katy Perry’s Parents Want Her to Date Tim Tebow

Katy Perry’s Parents Want Her to Date Tim Tebow January 11, 2012

It’s no secret that Katy Perry‘s religious parents (they’re Christian ministers) weren’t crazy about Russell Brand‘s lack of piety. Now that he’s out of the way, the Perrys have taken time out of their busy Jew-bashing schedule to try and play matchmaker for their daughter and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow has been very open about his Christian beliefs and is reportedly guest-speaking at the Perrys’ California church soon. Don’t you guys hate it when your parents try to set you up with someone? Jeez.

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  • While Tim Tebow is certainly an awesome and cute guy to be set up with…Katy is a grown woman and her parents need to recognize that. I am a born, raised and practicing Catholic who married a non-Catholic. I’m sure my parents would have preferred me to to marry in the Church, but they trusted me to make my own decisions and after 13 years, I am still happily married, so parents don’t always know best. And have her parents actually listened to any of her lyrics???

  • Eileen Nguyen

    My parents have actually never tried to set me up, but I wouldn’t mind it if they did (If I were single. I’m not into being on that MTV show my freshman roommate used to watch). I mean, Katy’s parents have known her longer than anyone, and while being a devout conservative Christian isn’t part of Katy’s image, it may be closer to her heart than we realize. Given how long her marriage to Russell Brand (whose attractiveness I have never seen), it’s possible that she’s not so good at picking people who are going to be good for her long-term.

    Also, Tim Tebow is ridiculously attractive.

  • If Tebow was a true Christian, he’d pray so that homeless kids could have a home and so that kids wouldn’t go to bed hungry… not for a touchdown. His priorities are a little confused.