Katy Perry Dedicates a Song to Tim Tebow

Katy Perry Dedicates a Song to Tim Tebow February 5, 2012

Hey, remember that time like five minutes ago when I said I had zero to contribute about the Superbowl/sports in general? Yeah, anyway.

Katy Perry played a pre-Superbowl concert in Indianapolis last night. Because she has never met a theme she didn’t like matching to a skanky costume, Katy donned a sexy football-inspired outfit. Then, she dedicated her song “Peacock” to Tim Tebow. Here’s what is interesting about that:

1. “Peacock” is a not-at-all-subtle song about seeing a dude’s penis. Sample lyric: “Let me see your peacock.” (And yes, that is a boob/cross combo on the single cover.)

2. Katy’s pastor parents reportedly want to set her up with Tebow because he’s really into Jesus and they think he’d be a good match.

Whether Katy’s actually trying to hook up with the football star or just trying to get some publicity, it worked.

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