Aaron Paul’s Dad Is a Baptist Minister

Aaron Paul’s Dad Is a Baptist Minister June 17, 2012

Actor Aaron Paul won an Emmy for his work on Breaking Bad, but I’ll always love him best as Sarah’s husband Scott on Big Love. However, I didn’t know that his dad was a Baptist minister. Here’s a quote from a recent interview with Paul in New York magazine:

Paul grew up in Idaho, and his father was a Baptist minister in towns like Emmett, Twin Falls, and Boise. He was the youngest of five, precocious but not too rebellious. “I grew up believing that once I died, I’d fly around in the clouds,” he says. “I guess you believe whatever is placed in front of you.”

He performed in church plays and realized in eighth grade that he wanted to be an actor. In high school, he convinced the drama teacher to let him try out for the upperclassman group and performed Alec Baldwin’s monologue from Malice, where he was an arrogant surgeon being depositioned in a malpractice suit. It’s more of a Walter speech than a Jesse speech, really (“The question is: Do I have a God complex? … I am God.”). He got into the group and got his mother to promise to let him graduate a year early and try to make it in Hollywood.

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