Model Coco Rocha Is Having Trouble Finding Other Famous Jehovah’s Witnesses

Model Coco Rocha Is Having Trouble Finding Other Famous Jehovah’s Witnesses January 17, 2013

Model Coco Rocha, who stars on the upcoming model-search reality show The Face alongside Naomi Campbell, is a Jehovah’s Witness. Though she’s never hidden her faith, she says that it’s very lonely to be a Witness in her industry. “There aren’t many Witnesses who are in the public eye. I can’t even name any,” she said in an interview with DuJour magazine. “So, yeah, it’s hard sometimes when you’re here alone. You’re not there with someone who can hold your hand and say we’ll do this together.”

Hey, Coco, maybe I can help. There’s this obscure musician named Prince who is a practicing Witness. There’s also most of the Jackson family. Y’know, the one with LaToya and Janet and Tito? Oh, and Venus and Serena Williams. They’re these sisters who play tennis and are kinda good or whatever. Anyway, it’s probably likely that there aren’t other Witnesses in the exact same profession as you, but there are certainly some pretty famous ones who you could hang out with. Venus even has a fashion line. I’m sure you could get her number from somebody.

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  • Kristen

    And FYI…on another model-search reality type show was Jayla Rubinelli from America’s Next Top Model’s Fifth Season who confessed to being a JW who smokes, drinks…eh, basically does everything forbidden to JW’s

  • tom

    If she really cares about her life and well-being, Rocha should get out of the JW cult immediately!

    • CF

      JWs are not a cult. Look up for info on their beliefs. They are different because the Bible is their authority and they uphold its teachings and the name of the God of the Bible, Jehovah. Psalm 83:18 and His son, Jesus.

      • flowers2013

        yOU are right its an awesome privelage to serve Jehovahgod and to know him and help people wake up out of the dark into the light as long as a little time is left we must continue helping people learn the truth by taking in accurate knowledge from the Bible (John 17;3).

    • Nechelle Austin

      Any half smart ninkapoop could not call over 9 million members a cult.If you look up the word cult in your dictionary,you would be able to clearly see true Christianity is not a cult.


  • Hey whoever wrote this article you are wrong because those people are not good witnesses and are not strong as Jehovahs witnesses and that is what she meant they will not influence her to do good