Erika Christensen Is Clearing Up That Scientology Rabbit Question No One Asked

Erika Christensen Is Clearing Up That Scientology Rabbit Question No One Asked January 18, 2013

Actress Erika Christensen, who has appeared in movies like Swimfan and Traffic, is a second-generation Scientologist. (Just like Beck!) Though she is active in the Church and attends plenty of Scientology events, she doesn’t usually speak out about her beliefs as much as fellow Scientologists like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley. However, a recent spate of bad press seems to have inspired Christensen to say something. In an interview on costar Joy Bryant‘s web show, Christensen said, “[People assume] we’re some kind of closed group and we’re just the Hollywood religion and we worship rabbits.”

Well, thanks for setting that one straight, even though I don’t think anyone has ever accused Scientologists of worshipping bunnies. People have accused Scientology of illegally influencing the government, imprisoning their own members (sometimes even children) and forcing them to do menial labor, committing a host of labor violations, and haranguing their members into donating tons of money to the Church. Does Erika have any thoughts on those issues?

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  • tetloj

    Google Scientology and rabbits and the only hits you will get will be Erika’s nonsense statements.

    No-one has ever claimed that Scientology worships rabbits. Aliens, maybe – rabbits, no.

    If you are prepared to lie about this Erika (so easy to prove it is not correct) what else are you prepared to lie about?