How 7 Powerful Women In The Bible Found Their Purpose

How 7 Powerful Women In The Bible Found Their Purpose May 25, 2024

Three powerful Christian women praying together.
Are you a woman who is struggling to find your purpose in life? Get inspired by these 7 powerful women in the Bible who found their purpose. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Powerful women are all around you, but they might not look like you’d expect. In the Bible, the most powerful women were often quiet and humble and never claimed to have all the answers.

As a Christian woman, you play a pivotal role in furthering God’s Kingdom. You can be a powerful woman living purposefully and fulfilling God’s will for your life. Continue reading and get inspired by seven powerful women in the Bible who found their purpose.

God’s Word States A Woman Is Clothed With Strength And Dignity (Proverbs 31)

The power of a woman is nothing to shy away from or hide. It’s OK to be a Christian woman with power over herself and her purpose. This power is evident in The Holy Spirit’s presence in your life. The Bible says he did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind.

Power can look different for some people. I can have moments when my words and my temper get the best of me, and I will have no problem telling you like it is or going against the grain in certain situations.

While some people might think that’s what it looks like to have power, the Bible shows us that we need restraint to be powerful women. A loud voice doesn’t mean you have power, and even being smart or successful doesn’t make you powerful.

As you will see below, the powerful women in the Bible did many things, but they were often very thoughtful in their actions and deeds. This doesn’t mean we should stay quiet about what is important to God, but we also need to understand that the most powerful people for the Kingdom are often the ones with the softest voices and the humblest hearts.

You Can Feel Your Emotions And Still Be Powerful

You might feel like you aren’t strong enough to be powerful because you are “too emotional.” But having emotions gives you a great superpower, including strength, empathy, and resilience. In those moments, you might feel weak, but remember, where you are weak, God is strong.

Having the capacity to be powerful in the many different situations you face is a good thing.  Hard times are inevitable in life. But leaning into your relationship with God will give you the power to overcome. You may not feel like a powerful woman sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that is true.

Powerful women often cry and feel defeated. Through the Holy Spirit, we work to find ways to belong in a world that is not always helpful or supportive of women when they let their emotions show. With further study, you will see that the seven powerful women in the Bible I discuss in this article had emotions that they felt and used to accomplish their purpose.

There Is Incredible Power In Humility And Walking With The Lord Every Day

  • A woman’s heart is full of compassion and understanding.
  • The woman’s strength is found in her faith, hope, and love for those around her.
  • The wise woman understands the need for reflection and self-awareness to achieve spiritual growth.

The most important women in the world are those in the trenches, working to make a difference and change the culture around them. Powerful Biblical women read and study the Bible, allowing God’s Word to mold them into the women God created them to be.

It Is Important To Surround Yourself With Godly Women

After looking at the seven powerful women in the Bible, I have learned that having a community of godly women in your life is important. A good role model will help you to become a powerful Christian woman.

This is true across all generations. Young women may struggle with thinking they are not strong enough to withstand life’s trials. Older women have a beautiful purpose: to help young women learn to be strong and find their purpose in life. When women help each other become powerful and endure life’s trials and triumphs, they grow in their convictions and walk with God. The godly woman in our lives can help us find and fulfill our purpose and help us become stronger.

Here Are 7 Powerful Women In The Bible And How They Found Their Purpose

God used many different women to help fulfill His purpose. Powerful women in the Bible play an important role in the Word of God. You can’t have a Savior without women.

As we look at the examples of strong women in the Bible, we can see that a strong woman is full of integrity, courage, respect, dignity, humility, and obedience to God’s call on her life.

In the face of adversity, these seven powerful women leaned into their relationship with God. It was not easy, and they needed a lot of courage to get through their trial. They had unwavering faith and were full of good works.

The following stories are mostly about powerful women from the Old Testament, except Mary, Mother of Jesus. However, there are many powerful women in the New Testament, too. Looking at these amazing seven powerful women in the Bible, we can see they found their purpose and stayed committed.


Deborah is the only female judge in the Book of Judges. She was also a prophetess and female military member, now celebrated for her role in the Old Testament. Her role was to rally the Israelites against their oppressors. She led them to victory, showing great courage and faith.

Deborah found her purpose when she had faith in doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord God. She understood the gift of what it meant to Fear The Lord, and she had the wisdom to judge in ways God gave her.


Queen Esther was a powerful woman because she was humble and obedient. While the Book of Esther does not directly mention God, we can see through her actions that she leaned on God during trials in life. This is modeled through fasting and praying before going to the King. She was also courageous and able to stand up for what was right strategically while maintaining honor and respect for her role as The Queen.

Esther found her purpose through faith, courage, and a willingness to risk her life to save an entire race. She was also strategic in her thinking and aware of her role in the lives of so many people. She did not back down from her challenges or allow her misfortunes to take her away from the open doors right before her.


Ruth was a woman of God who lost everything she loved and valued. She had to overcome her husband’s death. While life was unfair to her, and she faced many tough decisions, she still looked to Naomi for guidance, wisdom, and friendship.

Ruth found her purpose through loyalty and commitment to her family. If she had not gone with Naomi and remained committed to a relationship that had no guarantee of anything, especially a future, she would not have found her Boaz. Ruth’s beautiful story of redemption can only be orchestrated by God in His great mercy.

Mary, Mother Of Jesus

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was a strong woman who faced a lot of hostility. The fact that she was pregnant out of wedlock brought a lot of shame on her and her family. But she found her purpose by fully surrendering to God’s call on her life. Mother Mary demonstrated great faith and obedience when she accepted the role of being the Mother of Jesus.

Mary found her purpose through faith in God and obedience to His will for her life. From an early age, she knew that if she was going to serve God, she needed to surrender her life to Him fully and His will; this requires great strength and humility.


Despite facing ridicule and infertility, Hannah remained faithful to God and eventually became the mother of the Prophet Samuel, who was dedicated to God’s service. One time, while Hannah was praying, she was distressed and overcome with emotion. At that moment, the Prophet Elijah accused her of being drunk! This is a great example of how your emotions do not stop you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. She was overcome with emotion because she desperately wanted to have a child.

Hannah found her purpose through persistent faith, fervent prayer, and dedication to God. She endured many trials but did not give up hope in God. Maintaining hope when life is not going how you want and God is not answering your prayers as you hoped is essential to growing your strength and power. However, Hannah was a powerful woman because she did not let her emotions control whether or not she had faith in God.


Abigail was wise enough to prevent David from taking revenge on her family. Although she was originally married to a very foolish man, her wisdom helped many! Abigail shows us that quietly learning and gaining wisdom can be a powerful tool in our faith-filled toolbox.

Abigail found her purpose through being a peacemaker and wise counsel. She knew what was in the best interest of everyone involved, and she dared to step up and do what was right.


Sarah’s story is one filled with faith and fortitude. While she did not always say or do the right thing, she always seemed to find her way back to The Promise God had for her life. God’s promises to Abraham and Sarah were about making them the father and mother of nations.

Sarah found her purpose through faith and patience. Sarah is a great example of how we can’t rush God’s will and purpose for our lives. Sometimes, the call on your life is to wait patiently and have faith through the ups and downs.

These seven women were pivotal in the Bible and this world’s past, present, and future.

More Powerful Women of the New Testament

Like many powerful women around you, there were many more in the Old and New Testament. We can learn a lot from these women, including the two Marys.

Mary was the sister of Martha, and she spent a lot of time worshipping Jesus. We can gain much insight into what it means to lean on God for our strength and power. Her humility and submission to The Lord can be seen as a powerful move on her part. We can see Mary of Bethany found her purpose by worshipping Jesus.

Mary Magdalene is another powerful woman from the New Testament. Before being healed by Jesus, she was tormented by demons. She struggled and would be considered powerless against the forces holding her back in life. However, Mary Magdalene found her purpose through being healed by Jesus. Once he healed her, she became His follower, and she was the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection.

Strong women can be found everywhere in this life. Just like the powerful women in the Bible, as Christians, we find our strength through Christ Jesus.

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