John Kasich Delivers Blow to Religious Liberty

John Kasich Delivers Blow to Religious Liberty February 26, 2016

Governor_John_Kasich_(cropped2)In what was one of the most disturbing moments of last night’s GOP debate in Houston, John Kasich declared war on religious liberty.

He ridiculed those who refuse to endorse behavior they believe to be sinful.

The same guy who said he would lock private business owners (Apple) in a room with the FBI until they agreed to give access to their phones, said Christians should just accept the travesty of Obergefell and accept the abolition of marriage.

I presume he believes the same about Roe v. Wade and abortion.

He made the ridiculous comparison of endorsing same-sex marriage to serving someone who had been divorced. Earlier he said Christians should just bake the cupcakes, surrender their conscience for the greater good of “getting along.” (None of the cases involve cupcakes, John).

Either John Kasich really has no clue what it means to be a Christian or he is actively attempting to redefine millenia of Christian beliefs.

I tend to believe the former after he claimed Jesus wanted him to expand Obamacare in Ohio.

As Erick and I detail in You Will Be Made to Care (now available everywhere good books are sold) no one is being refused service anywhere for their sexual behavior — even when the business owners personally believe that behavior to be sinful.


At issue are the many Christians who are being made to approve of behavior they believe to be sinful. And they are often being made to do so by the government.

A relevant selection from the book:

Two other pharmacists in Washington who have also suffered at the hands of these secularist priests joined their case. One of them, Margo Thelen, already lost her job. Her employer had allowed her to refer the few Plan B customers, as she has done for years, until the regulation became effective. Another pharmacist, Rhonda Messler, the sole breadwinner for her family, has been told by her employer that she will lose her job or need to transfer to another state if the latest ruling stands.

It wasn’t so long ago that people crossed oceans to come to America so they could exercise their religious beliefs freely. Now they’re having to leave their homes in America behind if they refuse to aid in the taking of human life.

Fortunately, Kasich has little chance of getting anywhere near making a Supreme Court nomination except advising as Trump’s Vice President, a position he is obviously angling for. 

Kasich says Christians, Muslims, and Jews should just get over it.

Chuck Holy Scripture. It’s just a book.

Bake the cupcakes.

Compromise your beliefs.

Your conscience is not that important.

But why not the other way around, Governor?

Why isn’t he asking the ultra-minority to visit another florist, buy their cake somewhere else, or purchase their abortion-inducing drugs at another pharmacy?

Kasich’s flippant disregard for our first freedom shows how the unthinkable is happening: Freedom most often ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Religious liberty in America is dying death by a thousand cuts.

You will be made to care—and John Kasich is just fine with that.


Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

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