October 5, 2011

It’s described as a “liberal” version of the Tea Party movement.  If anything, the Tea Partiers should be described as nationalists and the Occupy Wall Street movement as patriots. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders believes that this movement may play a key role in re-building the middle class.  According to this progressive voice, six of the largest financial institutions in America control 60% of the country’s assets.  Three of these banks received bailouts because they were too big to fail and have now become even… Read more

September 22, 2011

Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide this month.  The 14 year old was bullied for being gay.  In May he posted a personal video on ItGetsBetter.org telling the world that since coming out he had received much support from friends, family, and strangers.  He had an upbeat view on life.  Sadly, the hope, faith, and optimism turned to tragedy when the relentless hate unleashed against him took its toll.  Before you read any more of this commentary watch his video.  Remember, it’s… Read more

September 17, 2011

In northern Greece this week a man deep in debt set himself on fire in front of his bank.  It was a bold, dramatic statement that reflects the stress, despair, and hopelessness an increasing number of people now feel throughout the world.  It is the second time he’s tried to kill himself because of the debt accumulated from a failed business.  It can be inferred that he took such extreme action because no one in government and especially among bank… Read more

September 9, 2011

… you shall not be like the hypocrites.  For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men … when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.  Matthew 6:5-6   Annual remembrances, memorial dedications, and the ongoing national sojourn to… Read more

September 3, 2011

Dreams fascinate me.  With each passing day they absorb more of my time.  Carl Jung and I are now very acquainted.  We may become good friends.  I even invested a small fortune to acquire Jung’s The Red Book.  Dreams often keep me up at night because I analyze them on the spot when I rouse from an intense slumber.  Then I can’t get back to sleep.  It’s a big problem. Recently, I dreamt about Lucifer and chocolate and perhaps by extension… Read more

August 27, 2011

Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney raised eyebrows and heard catcalls for telling an audience that corporations are people.  After getting heckled Romney insisted that “corporations are people, my friend.”  Although in one sense the matter may be academic if his slide in the polls continues, there is a much broader question of how Americans have and are conditioned to see the economy and their place in it.   Corporations are legal entities.  They’re not people.  They don’t possess… Read more

August 24, 2011

Then you shall sanctify the fiftieth year, and proclaim remission throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall signal the Year of Remission for you; and each of you shall return to his possession, and each of you shall return to his homeland (Leviticus 25:10 – inscription on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia). “My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress,” said investor guru Warren E. Buffet. “It’s time for our government to get… Read more

August 18, 2011

“Everything that ascends must converge,” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin reflected.  In a world that spins out of control the observations of this priest, mystic, scientist, and theologian seem more relevant than ever.  The human spirit still struggles to converge.  In mid-August, I visited Fr. de Chardin’s grave located at what had been a Jesuit novitiate at St. Andrews on the Hudson.  Today, it is home to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).  The school is attentive and very respectful to… Read more

August 3, 2011

Fox News and Friends hosts had a spiritual melt down this week because President Barack Obama issued a proclamation honoring the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.  Sadly, it seems to be about Christian vs. Muslim.  What has been overlooked is President George W. Bush’s noble and consistent outreach to American Muslims. To the dismay of many Christian conservatives, President Bush made a distinction shortly after 9/11 regarding extremists that can be found in any religion.  The “face of terror,” he… Read more

August 1, 2011

Bankers, large investors, currency traders, Wall Street moguls, career and ambitious minded politicians, and U.S. bond holders in China and the Middle East are among those happy that America will not default. A Faustian inspired deal has been agreed to in Washington. Average Americans, however, were overlooked. A biblical Jubilee is needed for the poor and middle class. U.S. Representative Hansen Clarke wrote in a recent editorial that with “over a quarter of all American homeowners ‘underwater’ — owing more… Read more

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