November 24, 2023

As I sat in my car a couple of days before the Thanksgiving Holiday, two songs filled my immediate space. Song #1 reminded me of God’s good plan for my life while Song #2 led to deep melancholy and grievous reflection. And as I ponder both songs and obvious mindset shift, I pose the following question: “How can we utilize appropriate self reflection during the holiday season?”   Good Cheer Anyone? I understand that not everyone’s holiday season is constantly... Read more

November 1, 2023

It’s far too easy to undermine the seemingly little things we accomplish over the course of weeks, months, or years. But what if we simply celebrate the beauty of progress versus magnifying the things that are not achieved on our carefully contrived list of goals? Acknowledge the Plans of God We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. – Proverbs 16:9 (NLT) The need to fulfill certain tasks may seem quite urgent. But perhaps the goals that... Read more

October 24, 2023

I love talking to other moms on a personal level. Specifically, I enjoy tuning in to what other mothers are experiencing in the 21st century and post-pandemic world. And the consensus for many mothers of small and school-age children is this: no one can do this parenting thing alone. Still, some may be hesitant to reach out for the support they so desperately need. I’m not the Christian who is on the warpath of pointing fingers at Satan all day and... Read more

October 10, 2023

Relocating to a different state places my work endeavors at a stand-still. In September, I traveled back to New Jersey (my former residence) to testify in family court on behalf of a former client. However, there is no current fulfillment of work as I once knew it. Honestly speaking, I simply have little energy to start over as a self-employed Parenting Educator. But as I place my feelings aside for the sake of reflection and growth, I must consider some important... Read more

October 3, 2023

Held annually in October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month allows communities nationwide to join forces to raise awareness about the far-reaching impact of domestic violence (NNEDV, 2023). Serving as a Child Advocate in a domestic violence shelter over two decades ago continues to inform my work and volunteer experiences even today. I often envision Jesus addressing the existence of domestic violence as the Savior, Healer, Redeemer, and Justice-lover that He is. If Jesus were to voice a love letter to female survivors of domestic... Read more

September 29, 2023

The search for parks and walking trails is an on-going adventure in our new location. New Jersey, my former residence, boasts of these kinds of places to visit in the southern parts. I must confess, I presently feel a bit antsy because walking amidst natural environments is my go-to activity for various reasons. Since 2020, committing fully to walking in nature on a regular basis has proved beneficial on so many levels for not only myself but my daughter as... Read more

September 19, 2023

There’s a new week ahead and I have some important things to consider for my family. Consequently, I’m led to something special: childlike dependence for the days ahead. This is sometimes challenging because I’m a natural goal-setter, planner, and solution-finder. I can conjure up an agenda for something that needs to be done in minutes flat. But the difficult yet beautiful act of relinquishing control is a must. Allowing God to take the lead in my calendar, lists, and thoughts... Read more

September 12, 2023

If you can, find a quiet spot. Grab a notebook/journal and pen. Reflect on at least ONE takeaway from this post. Think about how you can apply it to your life. This post is also great to read aloud and discuss the topic of identity with your school age children. Individually or as a family, you can ponder the question: “Will You Believe Goliath or God?” Let’s get started. The Story 1 Samuel 17 tells the story of David’s battle with... Read more

September 5, 2023

My daughter and I recently decided to make a hot drink. With the fall season coming soon, we are convinced that it’s time for a Pumpkin Latte. OUR MOMENT After shopping for the necessary ingredients the day before, we decide to take on the new recipe before going to church on Sunday morning. The morning weather is fairly cool and crisp before the heat rises. The fall-inspired drink suits the mood nicely. I also imagine us making this drink in... Read more

September 1, 2023

There’s no shortage of “beginning of the month” mantras and positivity messages of taking the next best steps in our lives and families. Such inspiration may encourage us to remain balanced or be more organized. Perhaps we may seek to adopt the right attitude amidst the everyday chaos. Whatever the case, many of us will partake of our fair share of mindset motivation in the earlier parts of September. Taking the Next Best Steps – A Woman Named Ruth Consider... Read more

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