Covid Propaganda

Covid Propaganda May 13, 2021


Do we realize the level of propagandizing that is taking place in this country?

I live in what is probably considered one of the most liberal counties in America, so keep that in mind as you read. I also own a home in what may be considered the most conservative state in America. So as I’ve gone back and forth between these states, I’ve seen how both ends of the political spectrum are playing out the Covid ordeal. 

In the conservative state, the mask mandate was lifted some time ago. And, even when there was a mask mandate, it was lax and mostly disobeyed. The majority of people simply exercised their Constitutional rights and didn’t wear masks. As a result, there’s a billboard that’s been put up across the state that reads “It’s time to take Covid seriously.” 

Makes me laugh every time I see it, because residents there are certainly taking it seriously. Seriously enough to know that if they don’t resist tyranny now, they won’t have the option to down the road. Therefore, a large population won’t don the mask, and since they’re large in number, they’re left alone. I mean, what’s the governement going to do? Jail eighty percent of their people? There’s not enough room, and both government and people know it. 

In the liberal state and county where I spend most of my time, everyone has been masked up since Covid hit over a year ago. The Governor speaks, and largely, the people bow. Fauci speaks, and the people consider his words Gospel truth, even though he’s shown by his own flip-flopping words that he has no idea what the best solution to Covid might be. Even though he tends to wait until he thinks the cameras are off and then removes his mask, which makes a few of us question the legitimacy of and personal dedication to the propoganda he supposedly supports. Bill Gates speaks and the people trust wholeheartedly without researching his overarching, depopulization agenda that targets them and their loved ones – or his links to Jeffrey Epstein, which has nothing to do with Covid, but everything to do with his overall character. 

These are just a few of the people running the show, and I could go on, but we get the point. What exactly is the true agenda? To keep people safe? Or to control people in ways that has made it more possible to implement a socialist government? 

Controlling the people is a big job, especially in America where, in the grand scheme of things, we have remained relatively free. It takes putting out mounds and mounds of propoganda. 

For instance … 

I walk into a store to grab a few groceries, and everywhere, there are arrows and circles that tell me where to walk, where to stand, reminding me that I, or someone I may encounter, may very well have Covid cooties and I had best not brush sleeves with another human. Message is: I am yucky and you are yucky and we should refuse to see anyone (including friends and family) until Covid is gone. Should only be two weeks! Or … a over a year. Or … it’s possible Covid will never completely go away. Just stay home, okay? Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

The speaker overhead repetitively plays a message that sounds welcoming in inflection, but not in content: 

“All customers must wear a mask while in the store. Please make sure you are standing six feet apart from other customers at all times. And while you’re here, stop by our pharmacy for a free Covid vaccine. Do you part to ensure the safety of others.” 

Then walking through the checkout line, you glance at the magazines because you’re bored and all you see are Covid headlines. You check out, and you are forced to yell through a plexiglass partition and bound up faces. At the pharmacy checkout, you are forced once again to yell through the plexiglass, only this time, you must belt out all of your personal information like date of birth, insurance info, phone number, and address. One time, I had a very long and loud convo with the pharmacy tech about my current address, turned around to walk out, and discovered there was a creeper next in line, looking at me like I was fresh meat, and I thought Great. Now that Creeper has all my personal info.


Maybe. But then, perhaps the pharmacy is as well, since they always put that big sign up ten feet behind the counter that reads PLEASE STAND HERE TO ENSURE PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY! 

Anyway, if you don’t wear a mask in the liberal state, you’re the Devil. But wearing it reminds you of Covid. Trying to hear someone with a mask on reminds you of Covid. Seeing masks everywhere reminds you of Covid. 

Get on the internet, and sixty to seventy percent of what you hear or read is going to be centered around Covid. 

Turn the radio on, you get an earful of Covid. The other day, I switched the channel to a Christian channel, thinking a sermon would be Covid free. Nope. Had to talk about Covid. 

Watch television, and you will be inundated with Covid “facts”, worries, projections, rules and regulations, mandates, and supposed laws. 

Go get your weekly medical treatment, and you’ll have to fill out a big questionnaire about your whereabouts the last week, the people you live with, your contact with ER’s, and whether you feel sick, have a fever over 100 degrees, or might know anyone who is sick or has a fever. Oh, and whether you’ve traveled and where you have traveled. 

Read a billboard, be reminded of Covid. 

Go to church, be reminded of Covid with all the aisle spacing, mask wearing, and mentioning of Covid in the sermons and announcements. 

Try and walk your husband through a health issue, be bombarded with Covid restrictions and policies and questions that are truly nobody’s business but your own. 

It’s oppressive. 

And it needs to stop. 

When your eight year old grandchild is so concerned about Covid (mostly due to going to school where it’s all he hears about day in and day out) that he can’t seem to disconnect the subject from any of his normal childhood thoughts, we might have a problem, but it isn’t Covid. It’s government propoganda. It’s government oppression. It’s government overreach. It’s government tyranny. It’s (attempted) government control of the people via fear and unconstitutional mandates. 

There’s a nifty verse in the Bible that says this: 

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. 

There’s much about Covid that we don’t know, and that’s to the benefit of those who are attempting to control the people. And where masks are concerned, if you want a scientific study to prove wearing a mask works, you can find it. If you want a scientific study to prove wearing masks don’t work, you can find it. If you want to follow the CDC, you’re going to feel like you’re on a roller coaster from Hell, as they clearly are in sync with the flip-flopping Dr. Fauci. 

If you want to be safe more than anything else in the world, then you need to realize that mentality is part of the problem. The government cannot (and will not) save you from death, and in fact, their vaccines have a possibility of killing or injuring you … all in the name of trying to “save you” from Covid. 

The hard truth is this: 

The government doesn’t actually care about us, and someday, we’re going to die, and the government will not be able to save us, even if they wanted to (which they don’t). What they care about are their largely godless agendas, and they care to use you and me to get those agendas passed. 

Yes, there are a few exceptions, and we have been blessed with a number of excellent leaders and agendas throughout history. But the more power a government has, the less they tend to care about the people, and right now, it has entirely too much power. If the government is not of the people, by the people, for the people, then they are against the people. And I would like to propose that inflicting Covid on the people in order to further an agenda and gain power via propoganda and fear would qualify as being against the people. 

Back to that verse, because here I am thinking on ugly things when the Bible tells me to think on honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent things worthy of praise. You’ll notice though, that before it says to think on all the wonderful things, it says to think on things that are true. And oftentimes in this world, the truth isn’t pretty. So, we acknowledge the truth, and then we go on to live our lives thinking on better things. 

Truth is: 

Covid is real. Covid is a crime against humanity (research it’s origins). Covid could kill us. Covid could just be the flu. Covid has a very large survival rate. Covid has killed many people, but not compared to the entire world’s population. And immune systems are amazing, but we’ve forgotten we have them. 

The other truth:

The Bible says 365 times to fear not. That’s one “fear not” every day of the year. Therefore, every day of the year, we should strive to leave our fear at the foot of the cross and live courageously, while trusting a sovereign God who has numbered our days. 

We are all going to die, and God has ordained the timing of that death. It is as George Whitefield said … 

We are immortal until our work on earth is done. 

But we aren’t necessarily free of propoganda, tyranny, and a bold attempts to end the free world. If we want freedom to “circle back” (to use a popular political phrase these days), we have to stop being afraid, stand up for it, and take it back. Because the truth is, freedom is already ours, given to us first and foremost by God, second by the Founding Fathers. 

God, help us as we learn to think painfully about what’s truly going on in America. 


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