May 13, 2021

  Do we realize the level of propagandizing that is taking place in this country? I live in what is probably considered one of the most liberal counties in America, so keep that in mind as you read. I also own a home in what may be considered the most conservative state in America. So as I’ve gone back and forth between these states, I’ve seen how both ends of the political spectrum are playing out the Covid ordeal.  In… Read more

April 15, 2021

Some of my more liberal friends will often use the phrase “righteous anger” when referring to their emotions regarding the current political climate. They’re angry that they (or others) can’t get ahead in the world financially, so they project their anger onto the “rich”, as defined by themselves or politicians. Or they see mothers who can’t afford to take care of the child growing in their womb, and they become angry at Donald Trump for defunding Planned Parenthood. They feel… Read more

April 1, 2021

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (Eph. 5:16) Not many years ago, I developed a ginormous guilt complex over how I spent my time. The church I attended at the time got hung up on the above verse and it became a hobby horse that was ridden nearly every Sunday. Put less delicately, you could say the verse was pounded into the people’s conscience in the hopes that the people would toss out their Bon-Bons, throw away their… Read more

March 18, 2021

Well I am coming off of Snowmageddon 2021, where being snowed in for four days with on and off electrical problems and no shower for three days did a sanctifying work in my life. It was like living in the 1800’s. Little House on The Prairie stuff.  It could have been much worse. But with a pellet stove, a backup generator, and a gas grill for cooking, we fared okay. Not once was I hungry or cold, which is very… Read more

March 11, 2021

I don’t write about marriage much, mostly because in spite of 32 years of being wed to one person, I still don’t consider myself an expert on the subject.  I got married young. Real young. Just barely age 17. Many, including some family members, said it wouldn’t last. Those who didn’t say such things probably thought them. But I was dedicated, committed, and serious, and so I figured others could despise my youth if they wanted to, but I was… Read more

March 4, 2021

My closest social media and in real life friends will wonder about that title. They’ll want to know why I think life plucks you to near death and then you die. Specifics, I mean. Do I have cancer? Did someone die? Am I just being negative today? Maybe I had a hard week?  No, people. I’ve had a hard life. And specifics and facts don’t matter as much as my feelings about the matter. See, I’m not writing this to… Read more

February 25, 2021

I woke up last night at around 3:30 chilled to the bone. The chill wasn’t in the room. The heat was up and working perfectly. The chill was deep in my bones, which made me wonder if I was coming down with something. Not wanting to wake up my human heater (aka my husband) by snuggling closer, I switched on the heating pad, wrapped it around my middle, threw the covers over my shoulders, and went back to sleep.  Fire… Read more

December 24, 2020

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash   Merry Christmas!  Or is it?  I inquired of my Facebook pals yesterday what they wanted for Christmas. Snow and time with friends and family were on the list. But the most common answer was “Freedom”, expressed in several different ways. One posted a GIF of a riotous, valiant Mel Gibson starring in Braveheart, with the word Freedom typed over it. Others said they wanted to do whatever they wished, or that they wanted… Read more

December 17, 2020

  Truth, it seems, is a precious commodity of bygone days. Turn on the news, in whatever form, and you’ll find that most sources twist the facts in an attempt to see their agenda come to fruition. On some platforms, where the people should be able to speak freely, truth gets censored for fear of nullifying the platform’s specific agenda. False claims and false results are the norm, and it’s up to the reader to sort everything out. (By the… Read more

December 11, 2020

  Thou God seest me … Those words were uttered by a woman named Hagar in Genesis 16. Hagar was Sarah’s handmaid whom Sarah gave to her husband, Abraham, as a second wife. Stranger things have happened in the Old Testament, but the reasoning behind the giving of Hagar to Abraham was Sarah’s barrenness and (perhaps) impatience for a child to be given her by the Lord.  “The Lord hath restrained me from bearing”, Sarah said, speaking to Abraham.  And… Read more

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