You Asked about Poetry

You Asked about Poetry May 12, 2014


The longer I’m blessed to be here, the more I realize (make real) the wonder that poetry is a state of being and not a craft of language.



You ask from an island so far away

it remains unspoiled. To walk quietly

till the miracle in everything speaks is

poetry. You want to look in your soul

and in everyday life, as you search for

stones on the beach. Four thousand

miles away, as the sun ices the snow,

I smile. After years of looking, I can

only say that searching for small

things worn by the deep is the art

of poetry. But listening to what

they say is the poem.

A Question to Walk With: Describe a time when you slowed down enough to hear the miracle in everything speak. What circumstances led to this experience and what did the miracle in everything seem to say?

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