Almost There

Almost There September 24, 2018

The first big storm of winter cancelled all the

flights. Like refugees, we lined up for word of any

way out. I felt you struggling 140 miles away. In your

grief, you’d been alone too long. I had to get to you.

By the time I reached the counter, no more rental

cars. I called around and found a service to drive

me through the drifting dark. You’d left the lights

on but he couldn’t get up our driveway. He left

me near our dented mailbox. I had snow in my

shoes and you looked worn. I kissed your neck

and we held for a long time. I watched you as we

went to sleep and fell into a dream. We were on a

raft, being carried by a slow flood. As the sun came

out, we were left on higher ground. Suddenly, the

raft turned into Buckingham Pond where we fell

in love over twenty years ago. We were younger

and you had your head on my lap. This was when

the sun lit your eyes and lips and hair and I said,

“I’ve never been in love like this.” This wasn’t a

memory but time travel during a storm back to

that moment that changed our lives. Then I woke

and you were sleeping next to me, bruised by the

flood, but still beautiful. I lightly touched your

arm, wanting only to be close to you.



A Question to Walk With: Describe what is at the center for you in a long-standing relationship.

This excerpt is from a book in progress, Elsewhere.


*photo credit: Pixabay

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