The One Thing

The One Thing May 20, 2019

There’s this one thing

I can’t remember or can’t

quite find. On gray days,

I worry I’ve misplaced it or

my memory is failing. But

on days like today when

everything is swelling with

life, I’m certain it’s always

been this way. To sense such

a thing without finding it is

what keeps us reaching for

each other. I’m coming to

believe it’s not about finding

anything. More about the

treasures we discover by

opening what seems

in the way. Whatever

we find is what we’ve

been looking for.


A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a loved one or friend, describe a time when you were looking for one thing, but found another. How did this surprise effect you?

This poem is from my book, The Way Under the Way (Sounds True, 2016), a Nautilus Award Winner.


*Photo credit: Tobias Aeppli



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