Moment of Lift

Moment of Lift August 31, 2020

I was bearing up under a weight I could no longer see, when the exhalation of something older than all my trouble unfurled my understanding, like a scarf blown out of the hands of someone clutching it. And my mind, floating between preoccupations, was now see-through and weightless. For the first time in months, the grief I’d been obeying went silent. I felt whole in a new way, as if the skin of all I’d been through had grown over all my conclusions. I can’t name this other than to say: I have moved through something difficult that has finally opened. All this bearing up and bearing down to be lifted like a scarf on the wind that a child might chase. 

A Question to Walk With: Describe a time when a weight or confusion you were carrying was suddenly lifted. What do you attribute this release to? How would you describe it? What name would you give to such sudden release? How can you stay ready for its appearance?

This excerpt is from my book, Things That Join the Sea and the Sky, published by Sounds True.

*Photo Credit: Oliver Hihn

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