To Go Beyond

To Go Beyond July 18, 2022

You ask, “How can I hold on?”

I remember being forced to let

go, to let the torrent take me

beyond all I could imagine.


You ask, “Are we doomed to

repeat our mistakes?” I only know

that when exhausted I could finally

accept that we are privileged to

have more than one chance

to come alive.


You ask, “Why is it all unbearable?”

I want to rock you until you under-

stand that the dark is there

for light to find its purpose.


You ask if I have anything to say.

And I touch my forehead to yours,

hoping something in all that is un-

sayable will skip like a stone along

the waters of the One Mind.


A Question to Walk With: Describe something in your life that feels unbearable. How are you living with it?

This is from my book of poems in progress, A Thousand Dawns.


Circular ripples left after skimming pebble on the ocean in evening light

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