For George

For George July 25, 2022

What I love about you most

is how you become what you

care for. You are eager to begin,

but in no hurry to leave. And so,

when you offered to build a bookcase

in which my tall wooden Ganesh can

look over me as I dive into the ancient

swirl of secrets that are only secret

because we refuse to become what

we care for—it made me love you more.

It took many seasons and you shared

every step, from the soft pencil design

to taking off my closet doors to make

sure the dream would fit. Then, the

list of materials and the choice of a

proper light, so that every time I’d

turn, I could see Ganesh bow to the

unbendable truth that what’s in the

way is the way. For months, we dis-

cussed the grain of wood, the number

of shelves, the placing of Ganesh like

truth at eye level, the curve of molding

that would crown the ancient god who

I have come to trust as much as I trust

you. The walnut now holds my books

hauled up from the deep. And while

I work hard to see what waits beneath

the masks we cling to, the precision of

your care holds everything in place.

A Question to Walk With: Tell the story of a friend who has helped you grow. How can you be such a force in someone else’s life?

 This is from my book of poems in progress, A Thousand Dawns.

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