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The Nativity Story article archive January 1, 2005

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General and related articles:

‘Filmmakers seek to inspire audiences with The Nativity Story,’ BC Christian News, Nov 2006
Nativity Story producers, writer look beyond the Christian “niche”,’ ChristianWeek, Nov 2006

‘Mary Goes to the Movies,’ Christianity Today, Nov 2006
‘Ethnicity in Jesus films — does it matter?,’ Mennonite Brethren Herald, Nov 2006

Books and films:

The Nativity Story (dvd)
News: BC Christian News, Apr 2006
Reviews: Christianity Today, Dec 2006

Related blog posts:

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The Nativity Story — featurette no. 2,’ Aug 2006
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Nativity composer Mychael Danna speaks!,’ Sep 2006
Grace, Nativity to sneak-peek in Indiana,’ Sep 2006
Everybody wants a piece of Antonio Vivaldi,’ Sep 2006
Who is the youngest Mary of them all?,’ Sep 2006
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Depictions of Mary in the Ben-Hur movies,’ Sep 2006

The Nativity Story — Gabriel speaks!,’ Sep 2006
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Life imitates art (sorta) for Nativity Story star,’ Oct 2006
Nativity Story sneak-previews at Outreach,’ Oct 2006
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A Catholic, an Orthodox and a Protestant walk into a junket …,’ Nov 2006
Looking for a Nativity Story controversy …,’ Nov 2006

Time magazine needs a fact-checker.,’ Nov 2006
Saint Mary — as seen on Iranian television,’ Nov 2006
Variety magazine needs a fact-checker.,’ Nov 2006
The Nativity Story — random thought of the day,’ Nov 2006
The Hollywood Reporter needs a fact-checker.,’ Nov 2006
Hmmm, has The Times plagiarized me?,’ Nov 2006
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The Nativity Story — will it sell tickets?,’ Nov 2006
John the Baptist coming to a theatre near you?,’ Dec 2006
The Nativity Story places 4th on Friday,’ Dec 2006

Newsbites: Nativity! Church Boy! Monastics!,’ Dec 2006
How many films have shown umbilical cords?,’ Dec 2006
Newsbites: Apocalypto! Nativity! Ten! Camp!,’ Dec 2006
Newsbites: Koranic! Reaping! Sly! Gallup! Blood!,’ Dec 2006
The Nativity Story — a “very serious setback”?,’ Dec 2006
“Putting the Christ back in Christmas”?,’ Dec 2006
Did The Nativity Story kill the biblical epic?,’ Jan 2007
The Nativity Story — on CD, on DVD,’ Jan 2007

The Nativity Story — the first DVD is out today,’ Mar 2007
The Nativity Story — an audio commentary,’ Mar 2007
Keisha Castle-Hughes has a baby — it’s a girl!,’ May 2007
Do Christian audiences not want OT movies?,’ Jun 2007
Is the Fox Faith label the kiss of death?,’ Aug 2007
It’s The China Syndrome meets Three Mile Island. It’s Wall Street meets the Crash of ’87.,’ Dec 2007
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