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His Dark Materials article archive January 1, 2005

This archive is a work-in-progress.

General and related articles:

‘Clever Dark Materials anti-Christian,’ BC Christian News, Nov 2002
‘Harry Potter more “Christian” than other current children’s best-sellers,’ BC Christian News, Sep 2007

‘The Chronicles of Atheism,’ Christianity Today, Nov 2007
His Dark Materials: How the Grinch stole God,’ BC Christian News, Nov 2007

Books and films:

Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass (book, dvd, blu-ray)
News: BC Christian News, Feb 2008
Reviews: Christianity Today, Dec 2007; ChristianWeek, Dec 2007; BC Christian News, Jan 2008

Philip Pullman, The Subtle Knife (book)

Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass (book)

TV interviews:

Listen Up with Lorna Dueck, Listen Up TV, Dec 2007

Related blog posts:

‘His Dark Materials’ gets a director, Aug 2005
Corpse Heaven,’ Sep 2005
Newsbites: Materials! Page! Dolores!,’ Apr 2006
Scott Derrickson to direct Paradise Lost!,’ Apr 2006
Newsbites: Materials! Saint of 9/11! Iranians!,’ May 2006

‘His Dark Materials’ gets a release date,’ Jun 2006
Newsbites: Anne Rice! Nativity! Compass!,’ Jun 2006
Catholic Kidman to star in anti-Catholic fantasy,’ Jul 2006
Newsbites: Compass! Blood! Potter!,’ Aug 2006
Daniel Craig joins The Golden Compass,’ Aug 2006
Children’s pop culture and subversive mythifying,’ Nov 2006
Newsbites: Prodigal! Dreamgirls! Compass!,’ Dec 2006
The Nativity Story — a “very serious setback”?,’ Dec 2006

Newsbites: Knife! Hoodwinked! Ratatouille!,’ Jan 2007
CanWest News Service needs a fact-checker.,’ Feb 2007
Newsbites: Compass! South! Lair! Ostrov! Hood!,’ Mar 2007
Daniel Craig on Philip Pullman and religion,’ Apr 2007
These are the daemons in your neighbourhood,’ May 2007
The Ring of Power becomes the Alethiometer,’ May 2007
What is The Golden Compass‘s “philosophy”?,’ May 2007
The Golden Compass — more preview footage,’ Aug 2007

Kidman: Golden Compass isn’t “anti-Catholic”,’ Aug 2007
Newsbites: Joan! Chariots! 11th Hour! Lives!,’ Aug 2007
Newsbites: Deadly! Expelled! Indiana! Golden!,’ Sep 2007
Will the Rings wizards re-unite in Compass?,’ Oct 2007
The Golden Compass — a new teaser,’ Oct 2007
“I hope it’s a great film, and I hope it flops.”,’ Oct 2007
Catholics and Secularists diss Golden Compass,’ Oct 2007
From Superman Returns to I, Lucifer,’ Oct 2007

And now, back to the positive spin.,’ Oct 2007
“What’s left of Pullman’s story is a string of disconnected proclamations that obscure not just his original point, but any point at all.”,’ Nov 2007
All fantasy films lead to Star Wars.,’ Nov 2007
Chris Weitz responds to the Atlantic Monthly,’ Nov 2007
The Golden Compass — a quick update,’ Nov 2007
The Golden Compass — the reviews begin!,’ Nov 2007
It’s not anti-Catholic, because it’s Gnostic.,’ Nov 2007
The Golden Compass — Kate Bush’s ‘Lyra’,’ Nov 2007

The Golden Compass — reviewed by a fan,’ Nov 2007
The Golden Compass — the article’s up!,’ Nov 2007
Why the “it’s not anti-religious, it’s only anti-abusive forms of religion” meme doesn’t fly.,’ Nov 2007
Philip Pullman — the extended e-mail interview,’ Nov 2007
The Golden Compass — another article’s up!,’ Nov 2007
The Golden Compass — marketed to Catholics?,’ Nov 2007
stop. look at city. pronounce. caution. carry on.,’ Dec 2007
The Golden Compass bombs in North America,’ Dec 2007

The Golden Compass doesn’t bomb overseas,’ Dec 2007
These villains are brought to you by the letter M.,’ Dec 2007
The Golden Compass tanks some more,’ Dec 2007
The missing ending — more bits leak out.,’ Dec 2007
Peter Jackson to produce The Hobbit!,’ Dec 2007
The Golden Compass — two last items,’ Dec 2007
The Golden Compass — box-office update,’ Dec 2007
Newsbites: Blu-Ray! No Country! Knocked Up!,’ Jan 2008

His Dark Materials — is the series dead?,’ Jan 2008
The DVD is coming, but what about the sequels?,’ Jan 2008
New Line Cinema — gasping its last breath?,’ Feb 2008
Newsbites: Oscars! Trek! Caspian! Antichrist! Bond! Justice! Driving! Xiao’er! Ghoulishly! etc.!,’ Feb 2008
The Hobbit is safe, for now.,’ Feb 2008
His Dark Materials — not quite dead yet?,’ Mar 2008
The Golden Compass — still newsworthy!,’ Mar 2008
It was a Freddie Highmore business trip.,’ Apr 2008
The Golden Compass — circles and ovals,’ Apr 2008

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