Canadian box-office stats — August 28

Canadian box-office stats — August 28 August 29, 2005

Here are the figures for the past weekend, arranged from those that owe the highest percentage of their take to the Canadian box office to those that owe the lowest.

Wedding Crashers — CDN $22,172,051 — N.AM $187,718,000 — 11.8%
The 40-Year-Old Virgin — CDN $5,146,118 — N.AM $48,726,000 — 10.6%
The Dukes of Hazzard — CDN $7,137,173 — N.AM $74,391,000 — 9.6%
Red Eye — CDN $3,051,801 — N.AM $32,676,000 — 9.3%
The Skeleton Key — CDN $3,315,913 — N.AM $37,899,000 — 8.7%

The Brothers Grimm — CDN $1,299,242 — N.AM $15,093,000 — 8.6%
Four Brothers — CDN $4,755,483 — N.AM $55,331,000 — 8.6%
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — CDN $15,377,896 — N.AM $197,478,000 — 7.8%
Valiant — CDN $869,149 — N.AM $11,551,000 — 7.5%
The Cave — CDN $419,827 — N.AM $6,200,000 — 6.8%

A couple of discrepancies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was #9 on the Canadian chart (it was #12 in North America as a whole), while March of the Penguins was #7 on the North American chart.

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  • “Wedding Crashers” is still #1? Somewhat surprising, no? Would you agree that this movie was too long and the pacing was sorta off? I guess the cast did deliver what audiences expect, though.

    It’s me Matthew here, Kimberley’s brother… we met at Church a year or so ago.

    I’ve been keeping up with FilmChat. Great resource. Thanks for doing this blog, Peter!

    Also, congratulations on your marriage this past year!

  • Hi, Matthew!

    Wedding Crashers was actually #5 in both Canada and North America this past weekend — it appears at the top of this list because, of all the top-ten movies this past weekend, it owes the highest percentage of its revenues to the Canadian box office.

    As for “too long and the pacing was sorta off”, it’s been almost two months since I saw it, so I don’t remember it well enough to say whether I agree — but I definitely felt that the other raunchy R-rated romantic comedy of the summer, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, was too long and oddly paced, and it definitely could have benefitted from tighter editing. Maybe it’s a trait common to these kinds of movies…?

  • Thom

    I never saw it…but easily, 90% of the people I have talked to looooooooooved Wedding Crashers. Then the saw the 40 Year Old Virgin and loved that one even more.