Elizabethtown — the interview’s up!

Elizabethtown — the interview’s up! October 20, 2005

My interview with Alice Marie Crowe, the real-life mother of Elizabethtown writer-director Cameron Crowe, is now up at A bit late, perhaps, but the interview took place the day before the film opened, which was too late to get it written up in time for last Thursday’s web update.

FWIW, I find this film one of Crowe’s weaker efforts. Yeah, even weaker than Vanilla Sky (2001; my review), his director-for-hire shot-for-shot remake of Alejandro Amenabar’s Abre los ojos (1997). I recognize its good intentions, but good intentions only get a film so far. Love the Alec Baldwin sequence, though. What a scene-stealer. And the pre-wedding party is quite funny, too.

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