Nine minutes of Narnia now online!

Nine minutes of Narnia now online! November 28, 2005

Less than a week after Moviefone posted a battle-scene clip from the new Narnia movie, some TV station in Sweden has posted a nine-minute preview featuring footage from the very beginning and very ending of the film, and various points in-between.

Make of it what you will. Personally, I’m not quite sure why the footage begins inside a Nazi bomber cockpit. And perhaps my dim memories of the wartime preparations in All Creatures Great and Small deceive me, but shouldn’t there be X’s taped across the window panes on the ground? Lucy is adorable, though.

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  • The air raid sequence reinforces the reality of the Blitz insofar as it affects the children, and heightens first the sense that the Professor’s country estate is a (boring) sanctuary, then the sense that Narnia seems initially starkly different from the children’s world. Parallels can probably be drawn later when it becomes apparent there is violence and evil in Narnia as well as in the real world (people are people after all, ditto for talking beasts and creatures from classical mythology), along with how to defeat the evil and so on.

  • Hey thanks for the tip on your Kandahar piece. Quite insightful. I didn’t know about the director’s fundamentalist past.