CGI kids do battle with a time-traveling Luddite!

CGI kids do battle with a time-traveling Luddite! August 2, 2006

Variety reports that director-producer Jonas McCord and former Pixar animator Seth Piezas are looking for financing for a new animated children’s series, to be called Unnatural History, that combines education and entertainment. The new show “will follow four kids who travel through time, hell-bent on stopping an anti-technologist from destroying new inventions at their source.” Also:

McCord said the cost will be high — more than $400,000 per half-hour — because the animation will be high-end 3-D, similar to “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Jimmy Neutron.” But he envisions a strong backend of DVD, books, merchandise and even scholarships for kids underwritten by corporate sponsors.

Much as I love time travel, and much as I love animation, this news item would not ordinarily rate a mention here; but I mention it anyway, because McCord, whose credits are almost entirely in writing and producing, has directed just one feature film in his entire life — and that film was The Body (2001), which starred Antonio Banderas as a priest who investigates the discovery of a skeleton that just might be the bones of Jesus Christ.

So, like, maybe these time-travelling kids will get a chance to witness the invention of religions, too, eh?

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