Bon Cop, Bad Cop breaks Quebec’s record

Bon Cop, Bad Cop breaks Quebec’s record September 25, 2006

The Canadian Press says it’s official — as of this past weekend, with $9,389,972 at the Quebec box office and another $1.3 million from the rest of Canada, the bilingual buddy-cop movie Bon Cop, Bad Cop is now the top-grossing film in Quebec history.

Ordinarily, that would make it a shoo-in for the Golden Reel Award — yes, Canada’s version of the Academy Awards hands out statuettes for top-grossing Canadian film — but it’s always possible it will be surpassed by some English-language film that looks and feels enough like an American film to appeal to anglophones.

Past winners include Meatballs (1979; $43 million), The Care Bears Movie (1985; $22.9 million), The Gate (1987; $13.5 million), Johnny Mnemonic (1995; $19.1 million), Air Bud (1997; $23.1 million), The Art of War (2000; $30.2 million), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004; $51.2 million) and, of course, the all-time champ, Porky’s (1982; $105.5 million) — just to cite the English-language winners that have made more than Bon Cop, Bad Cop has so far. Although those figures include all of North America, whereas the Golden Reel just looks at Canada, I think.

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