Jesus picks up a tourist in The Ten

Jesus picks up a tourist in The Ten October 3, 2006 doles out just a little more info about The Ten, an upcoming comedy based on the Ten Commandments:

In a segment based on the commandment Thou Shall Not Steal, Winona Ryder plays a woman who falls in love with a stolen puppet and begins treating it like a real person. In another piece, based on the edict Thou Shall Honor the Sabbath, the story brings together the unlikely combo of naked men and Roberta Flack music.

Welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of The Ten, an independently financed comedy planned for 2007 release that features ten stories based on – you guessed it – the Bible’s Ten Commandments. Shot entirely on location in New York, save for a Mexico City vignette involving a certain Jesus (Justin Theroux), the film – in addition to Ryder – managed to attract the short shoot schedule talents of everyone from Jessica Alba and Liev Schreiber to Famke Janssen and Ron Silver. . . .

What’s that? Did they say Jesus will be in this film? Yes, and apparently he “picks up an American tourist (Gretchen Mol) and has a romantic fling, all to set up a resounding punch line that neither [Paul] Rudd or [Jonathan] Stern will reveal”.

And speaking of flings, the article also reveals that the vignette inspired by Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Wife takes place in a prison, where one inmate claims another as his “wife” and then another inmate covets him. “Envision a preposterously sappy romance, but set among three men in the slammer.”

Somehow I don’t think they’ll be showing this in Sunday School.

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