Variety reviews (The Margate) Exodus

Variety reviews (The Margate) Exodus September 6, 2007

Variety‘s Alissa Simon is apparently more impressed with Exodus, working title The Margate Exodus, than The Guardian was:

Penny Woolcock’s gripping “Exodus” is a provocative, searingly political updating of the Old Testament story, with the Pharaoh as a right-wing politician and Moses as a terrorist. Shot in widescreen, with an eye-popping vision of dystopia that rivals Alfonso Cuaron’s “Children of Men,” it shows a Promised Land where the oppressed are brutalized and become brutal, and terrible injustice leads to horrific terrorism. Slated for British hardtops and Channel 4 broadcast later this year, it could be manna in the hands of savvy distribs offshore. . . .

Pic stresses the human costs of fighting fire with fire, and the hypocrisy of saying “God told me to.” Powerful ending strikes absolutely the right note. . . .

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