Walk the Line — the extended cut and faith

Walk the Line — the extended cut and faith January 10, 2008

Johnny Cash was a Christian, and many of his fans are Christian, so when Walk the Line (2005) came out two years ago, the studio made a point of promoting the film to Christians — but a lot of Christians who saw the film, such as Terry Mattingly and the various critics he linked to at GetReligion.org, were disappointed to find that the film gave only the briefest of nods to the role that religion played in helping Cash get his life back together. So it is interesting to note that, according to IGN.com, the new “extended cut” of the film that comes out March 25 will include a featurette on “Cash and his Faith”. It will be interesting to see whether that aspect of Cash is enhanced at all by the 17 minutes that have been cut back into the film, too.

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