Newsbites: Silent! Errol! Disney! W! Caspian! Satire!

Newsbites: Silent! Errol! Disney! W! Caspian! Satire! April 9, 2008

The news, it keeps sprouting, like weeds.

1. Vancouverites, mark your calendars. Silent Light, the Carlos Reygadas film about a love triangle among Mexican Mennonites, is coming to the VanCity Theatre June 5-12.

2. Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris tells the Hollywood Reporter he wants to make a comedy next — a scripted comedy. Morris has been making documentaries for decades, ever since Gates of Heaven (1978), but this would be only his second dramatic film, following The Dark Wind (1991). Meanwhile, Paul Arthur and Kyle Smith have posted responses to Morris’s newest film, Standard Operating Procedure, that critique it from different angles.

3. Disney and Pixar have revealed their slate of animated films coming out between now and 2012. Among the bigger surprises: Pixar is making a sequel to Cars (2006), their lowest-grossing film since A Bug’s Life (1998) — does anybody really want this? — and Disney is adapting King of the Elves, a fairy tale written by Philip K. Dick, of all people. Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew comments on the slate as a whole:

It’s interesting to note that all of the Pixar films have one individual with top billing as director, while the Disney features are structured to have two directors per film. That certainly can’t be coincidence. As Disney regains its footing, hopefully they’ll discover individuals within the organization whose personal vision is strong enough to carry a film by itself.

4. Slate and the Hollywood Reporter have taken their own sneak peeks at the script for Oliver Stone’s W, with the latter inviting responses from four George W. Bush biographers.

5. CT Movies editor Mark Moring has interviewed Douglas Gresham in anticipation of next month’s release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and suffice it to say that Gresham does not do much to instill any sort of confidence in fans of the book. Meanwhile, Walden Media president Michael Flaherty talks to about the Narnia movies — and also about the in-development film version of The Screwtape Letters.

6. Ron Reed passes on the news that Murray Stiller’s documentary Nailin’ it to the Church: Religious Satire and the Gospel According to the Wittenburg Door — presumably the same project that was once known as Jesus Makes Me Laugh — will be showing at the Regent College chapel in Vancouver April 21.

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