Kings — a few more cast members.

Kings — a few more cast members. October 23, 2008

Last week, it was announced that Brian Cox had joined the cast of Kings, the upcoming NBC series that is based on the biblical story of Saul and David but is set in a sort of alternate version of the present day. Cox was said to be playing a “former king” named Vesper.

Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Macaulay Culkin is also joining the cast, as “the king’s nephew, who was exiled for mysterious reasons.” I assume the king in question is Silas, who is played by Ian McShane and seems to be the Saul figure in this series.

I can’t recall the biblical Saul having any nephews, let alone sending them into exile, so between this and the “former king” business, it does sound like the series is following its own path, and not following the biblical narrative all that closely. The question remains, though: How far afield will it go?

EW also reports that Miguel Ferrer, Michael Stahl-David and Leslie Bibb have signed on for multiple-episode story arcs, too.

OCT 24 UPDATE: Matt Page notes that NBC has posted an official website for the series, with more details about the show.

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