Ethics-of-filmmaking course comes to Regent.

Ethics-of-filmmaking course comes to Regent. December 6, 2008

Theologian John Stackhouse has announced at his blog that he and Ralph Winter — a producer on the last four original-series Star Trek movies, all four X-Men movies, both Fantastic Four movies, the remakes of Mighty Joe Young and Planet of the Apes, the first Left Behind and many other films — will be teaching a course on ‘The Ethics of Filmmaking’ at Regent College next summer:

It’s just one week, so we will have to cover a lot of ground in a short time, but I think it’ll be a blast. It’s simply called “The Ethics of Filmmaking” and it will cover how money, sex, power, and ideology affect commercial filmmaking, with particular reference to Hollywood but to other other film centres (such as Vancouver itself) and, indeed, to other media as well.

Vancouverites, and anyone who plans to be in the Vancouver area during the last week of July, mark your calendars.

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