Jesus Christ Airlines — the Biafra airlift movie

Jesus Christ Airlines — the Biafra airlift movie December 6, 2008

The Hollywood Reporter seems to have put the wrong headline on this story, but anyhoo. They report that British filmmaker Dominic Murphy — whose first feature, White Lightnin’, premieres at Sundance next month — is developing a film about the role played by certain religious groups during the Biafra airlift in the late 1960s:

The deal is for “a slate of projects” and will kick off with “Jesus Christ Airlines,” which is being written by Kit Peel. . . .

Peel, a former journalist, is set to deliver his version of the events in the lives of one family set against the backdrop of the Biafra Airlift. For nearly two years, the pilots of Joint Church Aid flew in arms and food to Biafra over Nigerian air space, keeping the small, breakaway West African state alive. Murphy spent part of his childhood in Nigeria with his family. Murphy will direct.

Incidentally, this will not be the first film to go by this title; Danish director Lasse Jensen made a documentary of this name, which was also about the Biafra airlift, in 2001.

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