Newsbites: The comic-book edition!

Newsbites: The comic-book edition! January 17, 2009

1. The Watchmen lawsuit is over. Lawyers for Fox and Warner announced in court yesterday that they had reached a settlement, which reportedly includes “a sizable cash payment to Fox and a percentage of the film’s boxoffice grosses”. Warner may now try to get some sort of reimbursement from producer Larry Gordon, who also currently owns a percentage of the film’s grosses. And Gordon, in turn, may sue the lawyer who, he claims, failed to let him know in the early ’90s that Fox still owned the rights to Watchmen. — Variety, Hollywood Reporter (x2), New York Times (x2), Nikki Finke

2. The newest trailer came out over a month ago, and the movie itself comes to theatres in three and a half months, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine is now undergoing massive reshoots in Vancouver. Strangely, 20th Century Fox has been inviting journalists to cover the reshoots, apparently because they need to demonstrate that director Gavin Hood really is directing this movie; for months, there have been rumours that Fox has been excessively micro-managing the film and even getting other people to direct it. —,

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