Oscar nominee Tim Reckart to direct The Lamb for Sony

Oscar nominee Tim Reckart to direct The Lamb for Sony April 7, 2015


Tim Reckart — who was nominated for an Oscar two years ago for his short film Head Over Heels, about a husband and wife who have grown so far apart that one of them now lives on the floor while the other one lives on the ceiling — has been tapped to direct The Lamb for Sony Pictures Animation, it was reported today by Variety.

The official press release says only that The Lamb is an “inspirational story of a young lamb who will change the world,” but when the film was first announced seven months ago, it was described as “an inspiring, respectful and entertaining take on the famous Nativity story” that would feature “an all-animal cast.”

One of the film’s producers is DeVon Franklin, a Christian and former Sony executive who was instrumental in developing the film version of Heaven is for Real.

Reckart himself is a Catholic, according to a profile of him that appeared in World magazine two years ago. He said at the time that “his faith informs the ideals in his films, but he mainly tries to live his faith by being an excellent filmmaker.”

Head Over Heels was stop-motion, but The Lamb will be computer-animated.

Reckart recently made some waves in animation circles by self-distributing Head Over Heels online. You can watch it below, and check out the bonus features here.

P.S.: Head Over Heels was nominated for the Oscar the same year as Adam and Dog, directed by Minkyu Lee. They’re both excellent films, and well worth watching.

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