NBC cancels A.D., show might return online in a year or two

NBC cancels A.D., show might return online in a year or two July 3, 2015


A.D. The Bible Continues is dead for now, but it might get resurrected — online.

Variety reports that NBC has opted not to renew the Bible-themed series, which lost viewers nearly every week it was on the air, and which never attracted as many viewers as every single episode of The Bible did — but Variety also reports that the producers hope to relaunch the show on an all-new digital channel:

Burnett and Downey see it as a perfect tentpole for the launch of the OTT channel they have been working on since partnering with MGM to form United Artists Media Group last fall.

The online channel is envisioned as a hub for all manner of faith- and religion-focused content, including original scripted programming. “A.D.” hailed from Burnett and Downey’s Lightworkers Media banner, making it easy for them to reclaim the show from NBC.

Burnett and Downey have been planning the second season for a while now — back in April, they said they already had writers working on the next six episodes — but the new channel might not debut for another two years, so for now, the actors on A.D. are being released from their contracts, and some roles may end up getting recast.

So, it looks like Of Kings and Prophets, currently being retooled by the ABC network, will be the only Bible-themed series on major network television next year.

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