Watch: The first trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

Watch: The first trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge July 28, 2016


The first trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is here, and it has all the epic battle footage that you’d expect from the director of Braveheart as well as some clear nods to the religious faith of the film’s main character.

The film tells the true story of Desmond Doss, a Seventh-Day Adventist who refused to carry a rifle into battle but did risk his life to save his fellow soldiers, even though some of them had bullied him for his pacifism.

Here is the trailer, which confirms my belief that this could easily be the “Christian World War II movie” that many people once hoped Unbroken would be:

Anne Thompson wrote today that Hacksaw Ridge has become a “surprise awards contender” in the last few months, and she says “advance buzz is growing”.

Mel Gibson probably won’t get any awards himself, though; as Thompson notes, too many people won’t forgive him for all the racist drunken rants that went public several years ago. (And as my friend Jeff Huston points out, Gibson is still such a hot potato within the industry that the trailer doesn’t even mention his name!)

But the film’s star, Andrew Garfield, could be up for acting awards, and anyone who had a hand in making the film on a technical level could be up for awards, too.

Hacksaw Ridge will premiere at the Venice Film Festival (which runs August 31 to September 10) and is set to open across North America on November 4.

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