A new production company takes charge of The Alchemist

A new production company takes charge of The Alchemist September 12, 2016


Remember The Alchemist?

A few years ago it was reported that Laurence Fishburne was going to direct a film adaptation of Paulo Coelho’s 1988 novel, which concerns an Andalusian shepherd who goes to Egypt looking for treasure after a prophetic dream points him that way.

It was also said that Fishburne would take a supporting role as Melchizedek, a “king of Salem” who is presumably connected somehow to the biblical Melchizedek.

Actors like Javier Bardem and Idris Elba have also been associated with the film over the years — but it hasn’t actually gone into production yet.

Now Deadline reports that the Weinstein Company has sold its interest in the film to PalmStar Media, which is planning to shoot the film in 2017 for release in 2018.

Time will tell if the film gets made. I’ll post more updates if and when they arrive.

September 30 update: And now Sony-based TriStar is on board.

— The picture above shows Laurence Fishburne starring in Othello (1995).

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