Watch: Two new TV spots for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

Watch: Two new TV spots for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge October 6, 2016


Hacksaw Ridge tells the true story of a Seventh Day Adventist who saved dozens of lives during World War II even though he refused to carry a rifle into combat.

The film, which marks Mel Gibson’s return to the director’s chair after a decade-long absence, got a standing ovation and mostly positive reviews when it premiered in Venice last month, and it’ll be coming to your local multiplex in four weeks.

To help pique our interest, the studio has now released two new TV spots.

This one focuses on the women in Desmond Doss’s life, including his mother — who tells him that “to take another man’s life” is “the most egregious sin”:

And this TV spot focuses on how Doss was called a “coward” by his fellow troops:

Check out earlier Hacksaw Ridge trailers and other videos here:

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